For Parents

Strengthen your family’s resilience

Grow your parental presence

Lead your family with more dignity and ease


Our trainings for parents can help, whether you want to protect yourself from the effects of compassion fatigue, become a more confident and resourced parent, or support your child to stress less and express more.

Our next round of live workshops will be available to book from January 2017.  We also aim to develop on-line resources through the year, so please keep checking in.

We have three key trainings…

Unlocking Blocked Care: From Caregiver Stress to Compassion Resiliency

Body-wise Tools for Smart Families

Power Up Your Presence : From Reaction to Resource


 “I really appreciated the calm and hugely accepting atmosphere around the workshop” – training participant 

Unlocking Blocked Care: From Caregiver Stress to Compassion Resiliency

Parenting children who have challenging behaviours- perhaps as a result of trauma or attachment wounds –  is difficult, and it can hurt. When we are exposed to their ongoing distress, the risk for compassion fatigue and secondary trauma is high. How can we remain resilient, empathic and healthy whilst carrying out our essential and challenging role? Our SomaSmart Model for Compassion Resiliency supports and nourishes you, the parent/carer, because you matter too. We teach you powerful ways to restore your strength, hope and purpose that sustains you through the tough times.

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Body-Wise Tools for Smart Families

These trainings are designed to support you to support your child.  We teach you playful, body-centred tools and techniques that help your child grow and learn.  Discover how you can invite them back from chaos towards calm and connection, help them express their emotions in more healthy ways and build an internal sense of safety and protection.  Draws on therapeutic parenting, somatic and creative movement modalities, martial arts, somatic attachment and relational trauma therapies.

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Power Up Your Parent Presence (from reaction to resource)

This popular workshop, which draws on the Leadership Embodiment model, teaches you tools for becoming a compassionate and skillful listener, an intentional and skillful advocate, and an inspirational family leader.  Learn how to take calm, confident action even in the heat of the moment, and grow the capacity to be more skilful and influential in the face of conflict, opposition and control.

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“The workshop was challenging but invaluable. I finally feel like I know how to make a REAL difference to my family” – training participant