For Young People

Our programs for pre-teens and teenagers are designed to light a spark of curiosity around claiming their inherent power, resilience and leadership potential.

Using dynamic physical experiments, conversations and stories, we explore how to relate to pressure and conflict in a positive, non-violent, collaborative way.

Participants are encouraged to develop their capacity for self-regulation, self-awareness, relational and social intelligence, self-agency and self-mastery.

Drawing on tools and practices from mindfulness, movement, leadership embodiment, the peaceful martial art of Aikido and the cutting edge applications of somatic intelligence and interpersonal neurobiology, the workshops cover …

  • how to focus energy and attention towards what really matters to them
  • how to find their voice and express themselves with clarity and intention
  • how to stabilise, regulate, and develop self-awareness, through grounding, centring, containment and boundary practices
  • how to withstand peer pressure, and respond with resilience to challenging situations
  • how to listen with empathy, shift perspectives, and appreciate others point of view
  • how to speak up with power and dignity, and stand in respectful opposition when required