Our Courses

Our courses are very practical in nature.  We use our bodies as a ‘learning lab’, such as using partner exercises to explore how we can remain powerful and effective under pressure.  So whilst there is some traditional learning and theories involved, the greater proportion of the time will involve experiential in the moment learning (although there is never any pressure to participate directly in an exercise if you don’t want to)

That is what makes our approach so effective and insightful.  For example, we might believe we are being an assertive or peaceful presence, but when we test that assumption out under certain conditions, we discover our body is communicating something quite different!

Although this approach may mean risking coming out of your comfort zone a little, previous participants will confirm that we are committed above all to creating a learning environment that is safe, gentle and fun.

Our new round of trainings will be starting from January 2017. You can learn more about what we offer on these pages.

I have already had many opportunities to use the techniques we practiced; I definitely feel more empowered, and they always help – workshop participant