A nice photo gallery video from David Weinstock of Liminal Somatics of a children’s workshop. We share a similar somatic lineage, so have a lot of commonalities with this  work.

Susan Bauer’s Embodiment in Education curriculum teaches teens about respect for one’s body that empowers them through the development of kinesthetic awareness, enhanced perception of one’s cultural conditioning, and a healthy respect for self and others.

This video demonstrates a little of Ale Duarte’s Somatic Experiencing Trauma work with children.  Visit his website about somatic self-regulation for children here.  An amazing teacher.

Here’s a link to the website of my teacher Caryn Scotto D’Luzia, and her AST Model of Shame Transformation. And here she is interviewing Somatic Experiencing’s Peter Levine on Shame – love that they talk about restoring dignity, which his important in our work at EPE.