"When parenting gets tough, changing our thinking is not enough. "

Strengthening and restoring the parent/child relationship through Body-Centered Leadership

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Is the reality of parenting leaving you frustrated, defeated and exhausted?

Or do you simply aim to bring more awareness, joy, and ease to your relationship with your child?

Whatever your vision or challenge, we help you become the parent you aspire to be

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For Professionals

We offer training in the foundations of Embodied Parent Education for counsellors, social workers, educators and other professionals in health & welfare, so you can experience the value of a body-centered approach in strengthening and restoring the parent/child relationship.

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Upcoming Events

28th February 2014 Brighton. Reclaim Your Parent Power: especially suitable for adoptive parents; how to be more skillful and influential in the face of challenging behaviour

Would you like us to talk or host a workshop for your group or organisation?

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