Embodied Parent Education



We help families come back to their senses, so they can experience less stress and more resiliency


Because Parenting is not just a logical process, learnt through theories and behaviour models. It is a relational, visceral, sensory, emotional, embodied experience.

The problem is, we are more comfortable and practiced at living in our heads, and have become disconnected from anything below it.

But this comes at a great cost.

When we lose connection with our body, we also lose touch with a tremendous wellspring of wisdom, resilience, and compassion.

That’s why Embodied Parent Education celebrates the value of body-centered tools and practices, in cultivating more attuned and dignified relationships.

When parents learn to become body-wise…

we discover how we can shift from reaction to resource, from effort to ease, from chaos to calm.  We become a safe and powerful anchor for our children, no matter how tough the challenge.

When we teach our children to become body-smart…

they increase their capacity for self-regulation, resilience, and confidence.  They learn how to trust their instincts, find their voice, and feel more secure in who they are.

On these pages you will learn about our own programs, and we also celebrate and share the work, research and resources of other mind-body-inspired groups and practitioners, who aim to secure a better future for our children, for all our sakes.

“The deeper we live the life of our bodies, the deeper is the upwelling of love” (Stanley Keleman)