What is Embodied Parent Education?

Parents face many high pressure situations every day, especially when our children have emotional and behavioural difficulties.

The problem is, when we are under pressure, we tend to default to less skillful ways of dealing with situations, and all those great parenting tips we’ve read about fly out of the window.

We may aspire to be calm and confident advocates for our family, but the roller-coaster of moods and emotions can leave us feeling disempowered, deskilled, and defeated, despite our best efforts.

And no parenting technique is effective when the parent feels triggered, overwhelmed and destabilised.

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Our coaching makes a real difference, because we understand that when parenting gets tough, changing our thinking is not enough.



Becoming the parent we want to be, doesn’t just happen because we know the theory.

That’s because our embedded stress responses and survival patterns limit our choices, and we struggle to take the action we want to take, even when we know what we are supposed to do.

How is it possible to remain calm, confident and resilient in the long term, when our nerves are raw and emotions are depleted?

How can we make the right choices for our children in the moment, when we are stressed and triggered by their actions?

How can we remain open, receptive and connected when our children shut down, reject or oppose us?

Yes, we need to learn new parenting techniques, but more importantly, we need to change how our body responds to our child’s moods and reactions.

We need to learn how we function under stress, how this limits our parenting potential, and we need to retrain our nervous system to respond more skillfully to our child’s behaviours. We need to practice the learning and development of new skills and actions, so our good ideas and intentions become natural, embodied habits, available to us when we need them.

embodied parent education siblingsMost parenting approaches overly focus on the conduct and achievement of the child, but it is the quality of presence and connection within the relationship, that we must be fiercely nurture above all else

When your child can sense your relationship with them is strong enough to take the weight, no matter how difficult the challenge the offer you,  they can soften their alarm response, become more receptive to your guidance and influence, and begin to release into the process of healing.

Through Body-Centered Leadership, we help you grow your capacity to be a safe, strong, and confident container for your child’s intense emotions and behaviours, and to increase your choice of actions and interventions in the heat of the moment, so you can lead your child away from conflict, opposition and control towards co-operation, trust and connection.